Orders are no longer being accepted; all new orders placed will automatically be refunded. Thank you for understanding!

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There are four different price options, so there's something for everybody!

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Whether you buy just one box or you're in it for the long haul, we're happy to have you!


Add something beautiful to your life. Just because.


Each box is designed and put together to create a unique experience with each new delivery.


The Bee Box aims to add something beautiful to your life, just because.


All artwork is is created by freelance illustrator Kirsten W. of Winklebeebee Illustrations.

So Let's Get Buzzing!

You can start off with a single box or jump right into an extended subscription. Whatever you choose, I hope you're inspired when you open your first box!

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How often will I get this box, and does it ship internationally?

The Bee Box is a quarterly service, meaning the boxes will ship out four times a year:
The first of March, June, September, and December.

Preorders work like this: Orders will be open until the month before a box is set to ship. March box preorders close on February 1st, June box preorders close on May 1st, September box preorders close on August 1st and December box preorders close on November 1st. This means anything purchased after those dates will be sent with the NEXT box, 3 months later. Why? I create all the items in the box specifically for each shipment, and I need to know how many items I'll need with enough time to produce them.  I'm a one-lady team and this allows me to get the boxes out on time! Thank you for understanding, please feel free to email me if you're still confused!

Boxes can be shipped internationally, but because of the postage costs, anywhere outside of the United States will be charged a $9 shipping fee per box. For new subscribers, unfortunately the international shipping rate went up slightly when USPS shipping rates increased this year. I apologize for the inconvenience!

How do renewals & cancellations work?

All subscriptions are set up to automatically renew for whatever frequency you choose.

Prepaying for multiple quarters means you will get charged in full at checkout, and then automatically charged again after you have received all the boxes you paid for (unless you cancel your next renewal).

For cancellations: Please note that cancelling a subscription  after you've been charged will only stop you from being charged for your next cycle; the website will NOT automatically refund the most recent charge. If you wish to cancel all outstanding boxes and receive a refund, you MUST email me directly! Sorry for the inconvenience!

I understand that some people only want to try The Bee Box out one time and that's okay! If you just want to try a single box, you can go to the "Shop" tab and order a single box without being added to the renewal list.

Please feel free to contact me at winklebeebox@gmail.com if you have any confusion about subscription plans!

What's in the boxes?

While the box is art-themed, you'll be receiving much more than just art prints. Items can vary from pinback button and sticker packs to paper dolls, keychains, and even original hand drawn and painted pieces.

You can read more about updates on the boxes on The Bee Box Instagram and check out more of my artwork on my portfolio website !

There are four different options to choose from:

Tier One: Bumblebee
Cost: $15 per box, or $55 for a year (save $5!)
Each box includes:  Two exclusive 4″x6″ art prints; 1-2 mystery items

Tier Two: Honey Bee
Cost: $25 per box or $90 for a year (save $10!)
Each box includes:  Two exclusive 4″x6″ art prints;  2-3 mystery items

Tier Three: Worker Bee
Cost: $35 per box or $130 for a year (save $10!)
Each box includes:  Two exclusive 4″x6″ art prints ; 2-3 mystery items; One trading card-sized, one-of-a-kind original pencil drawing!

Tier Four: Queen Bee
Cost: $45 per box or $165 for a year (save $15!)
Each box includes:  Two exclusive 4″x6″ art prints ; 2-3 mystery items;  One full color, one-of-a-kind original handmade art piece!